Citizens 4th of July Committee

  1. The Citizen's 4th of July Committee, Superior, WI   54880                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

4th of July Parade Rules & Policies

 Anyone can be in the Parade - as long as your entry meets with viewing guidelines for young children.  The Citizen's Committee reserves the right to make the final decision of appropriateness.
The following rules are for the safety and well-being of both the participants and the spectators. 

Agreement to these rules is a requirement for submitting an application.

 1.  Cars and other vehicles that are part of your parade entry may enter and park in the staging area - other vehicles will not be allowed to enter the staging area, including those that drop off parade performers/walkers.

2.  No alcohol, smoking, illegal substances or inebriation is allowed in the pre-parade staging area or on the parade route.

 3.  Please assure the well-being and safety of anyone riding on your float or other entry; make sure walkers, especially children and animals, have an adequate supply of water available to them.

 4. Vehicle drivers must hold a valid license and comply with all other state requirements related to their vehicle.

 5.  Equestrian units with riders under the age of 18 must include adult outriders. Entries must furnish waste collectors with wheelbarrows and shovels.

 6.  For spectator safety, handouts of any kind should be passed hand-to-hand from parade walkers to spectators at curbside.   The best plan is several walkers on each side who can physically keep up with the pace of the unit.  Please help us make our parade a safe parade for the children who attend.

 7.  Fire and open flames are not allowed.  Compressed gases, such as helium, are to be properly secured and safeguarded.  Gasoline or other flammable substances are not to be carried on any vehicle.

 8.  Sound amplification should not be audible beyond 30' from the unit. Please make brief sound checks prior to the start of the parade. 

 9. Once forward movement of your unit has begun, please no backing up.  As a general rule, use the middle of the street, leaving the lanes adjacent to the curbs unoccupied.

10.  To gain maximum exposure, stay 20' from the entry in front of you.

Parade units violating any of these rules, at the discretion of the Events Committee or Committee Chair, will not be eligible for awards or other prizes and may be removed from the parade.    

Good judgment and common sense will keep our parade pleasurable for all.