The route of the parafe will run from the Middle School down Hammond and will end at Senior High just like last year..  Next the car show will be at Barkers Island and all festivities during the car show will be there to.  We believe the city will have the same setup as last year for the car show and fireworks.  We have talked  the city pertaining to this year and the above is like last year at Barkers Island.



Parade Information

We wish to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Pigs Motorcycle club.  If not for the PIGS there may not have been any 4th festivities, so if you see any of those riders, take a minute and thank them for being community minded or just wave to them.

safe ride PIgs we need you!

Superior 4th of July Committee 2017

It has been 21 years since a small group of people decided our city has gone long enough without a celebration of our independence.  They raised enough money to sponsor a parade, put on a car show and top it off with a great fireworks show.  Some of the same folks still serving.  These are the kind of people that are Superior!

The following maps below should help ease the pain of looking all over for a place to park.

itizens 4th of July Committee


Call to Donate

Great News!!!

The 2018 4th of July Parade is a go.  It will be the same route as last year, starting at the middle school down Hammond, on to 28th to the High School.  All entries please enter off Tower Ave.  We will have people there to help with any questions or anything else you may need.

We also will have 3 bouncy houses at Heritage Park like last year.  They are free for the children.  

Have Fun and enjoy this years events.